WaterSeer Water Grid

Why should we have a WaterSeer or a WaterSeer Water Grid?

1.  You can’t live without water.

You are 60% plus water. You can’t live more than five days without water, but you can live 30 days without food.

2. Everything you do needs clean water. 100% of the things you do need water; cooking, cleaning, gardening, urban landscapes, hot tubs, and swimming pools. You need farmers to get all the water they need so you can eat what you need. Industry needs water to make everything you need; medicines, mobile phones, cars, roads, buildings, batteries, computers. America needs 80 gallons of clean fresh water per person per day to meet current requirements and will need more tomorrow.

3. There isn’t enough water.

All current water sources and reserves are not enough to meet the need In the United States. Aquifers are declining, snow melt is diminishing, and reservoirs are dropping. Globally, 1.8 Billion people live in regions of water scarcity. Another 783 Million people do not have any clean, safe water.  The UN says that in this century more wars will be fought over water than oil.

4. Your water source is unreliable.

Community and commercial water infrastructure is old, fault prone, energy inefficient, and vulnerable to hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, and other unpredictable catastrophes. Some communities have failed completely: Flint, MI; San Juan, PR; and San Joaquin, CA.  More are in crisis: Cape Town, South Africa; Mexico City, Mexico; 40% of Texas; and the entire State of California.

5. Your water is contaminated.

81% of US municipal water systems have known carcinogens and 39% have lead concentrations that are harmful to children. 84% of tap water has plastic microfibers and harmful chemicals, minerals, and metals. Filters can’t get all of it, and filtering drinking water alone isn’t enough. You brush your teeth with tap water, wash your face with it, shower with it, cook with it, clean with it, grow food in it, and play in it. Check your local system; it isn’t pretty. https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/#.Wx1Q7vZFyZc

6. You are completely dependent of local authorities for your water.

Your local water authority controls how much water you can use, how much you pay for it, how it is distributed in the community, and what the penalties are for the non-compliant. When your State reduces the per person limit, there is no appeal. When water rates go up another 10%, there is no alternative. When the local water treatment plant shuts down, you have less than four days to find another source of clean, abundant, fresh water.

New California Legislation:



7. You need water security and water independence.

Nothing as vital as clean fresh water for you, your family, or your community can be at risk, left to chance, or subject to local arbitration. You need to have your own, independent, secure source. WaterSeer can provide you clean, fresh, unpolluted water right where you live, sustainably and affordably, without restrictions, usage costs, or limits. You can have water security and independence. You and your community can have WaterSeer.